How to enjoy Mt.TAKAO in Tokyo

‘How to enjoy Mt.TAKAO in Tokyo’
I visited Mt.TAKAO, 55 minutes from SHINJUKU station.

If you get off at TAKAOSAN-GUCHI station, that is the base of the hiking.
Mt.TAKAO is the most popular mountain to hike in the world 3 million people go up every year, even small children and old people can walk up using cable car and lift.

The cable car of Mt.Takao
Cable car
The lift of Mt.TAKAO

It’s registered as 3 stars of Michelin guide Japan.
The monk GYOKI climbed AD744 to found YAKUOIN temple, then whole mountain area has been a training places of SHUGENDO ( fusion of Shinto and Buddhism) practitioners. It’s still going now.

Yakuin temple
YAKUOIN temple

There are many facilities like , restaurants, shops , museums, Onsen at the base area.

It’s only 599m tall but there are several trekking routes and you can feel deep nature easily because whole mountain area is preserved carefully to keep the nature.

You can hear the birds singing, the distant view of Tokyo city from the observatories and full of green on the way.

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I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

The base of Mt.TAKAO
Base of Mt.TAKAO
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