MITSUMINE shrine in SAITAMA prefecture

‘MITSUMINE shrine’
I visited MITSUMINE shrine in SAITAMA prefecture 2.5 hours from Tokyo.

This shrine was founded by YAMATOTAKERU , the son of the emperor KEIKOU in 4-5th century, also said to be a head quarter of SHUGENDO ( fusion of Shinto and Buddhism) in east Japan .

The founder of SHUGENDO, ENNNO-OZUNE is said that he practiced here in 7th century and KUKAI, the founder of SHINGON school presented Buddha statue here in 9th century.
Both are one of the most popular great guys in Japanese religious history.

We can see 3 mountain tops near by from the shrine, the name MITSUMINE literally means’ 3 tops’.
The whole atmosphere is very mysterious and quiet.
The guardian status in front of the shrine are ‘ wolves’ here , not like lions in other shrines.

The guardian statues are wolves in MITSUMINE shrine
Guardian wolf

It’s because the founder YAMATOTAKERU was lost on his way to this area , a wolf guided him to here .
That is the reason why the guardian lions are wolves.
It’s located 1100m the middle of the mountain, the atmosphere is very mysterious and quiet.
If you want to feel the deep historical culture of Japan, check out here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Mitsumine shrine in Saitama prefecture is the headquarter of SHUGENDO in east Japan
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