How to buy Disneyland and DisneySea tickets from outside Japan

How to buy Disneyland and DisneySea tickets from outside Japan

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Disney ticket

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October 11, 2022 Japan has begun accepting tourists from abroad again!

(3 doses of corona vaccine or negative proof within 72 hours before flight to Japan is required)

Recently, we have received many inquiries about purchasing Disney tickets on the TOKYO travel TIPS Facebook group.

It seems that to purchase tickets from overseas is somewhat difficult.

I called Disney office and confirmed how to purchase Disney tickets from overseas.

I hope this this information will be helpful.

Credit card

1: Credit cards that can be used to purchase Disney tickets are limited to only 4 companies.

Disney Sea

Disney ticket


2:You should set your credit card to 3Dsecure for security.

If you did not succeed in 1, you can set it on your credit card from credit card company’s ‘My Page.’

3:Try the following purchase sites. Disney says you should be able to purchase.


For Taiwanese
-comfort travel service
-lion travel service

Convenience stores in Japan

4:If you tried 1,2,3 but could not get it and came to Japan.

Purchase at a convenience store in Japan.

You can purchase from photocopy machines installed in the following 4 companies.

Copy machine

(Not at ATMs).

-seven eleven
-Family Mart
-mini stop

From what I have confirmed, the English support is only on the first screen, the rest is only in Japanese.

So I don’t think you can understand it.

Therefore, it is a rough trick, but if you ask the clerk for “Disney ticket help”, they may be able to help you.

(I don’t guarantee it though )

Try asking the clerk when he/she seems to be free.

The difficult part is that you have to write your name in katakana, so you have to ask the Japanese clerk to write your name in Japanese.

After deciding on the date you want to go, choose a day when Disney is open on the screen, make your payment.

Then pay the voucher at the cashier of convenience store, and get your ticket.

Good luck!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!


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