Let’s go to the Aloha Hawaiian Festival Odaiba 2022 July 15-18th!

Let’s go to the Aloha Hawaiian Festival Odaiba 2022 July 15-18th!


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What is Odaiba?

Rainbow Bridge sunset

Odaiba is a man-made island in Tokyo Bay where gun batteries were installed in the 19th century to scare away foreign ships.

Fortunately, the cannons have never used.

Today, it is one of the most advanced areas in Tokyo with high-tech entertainment facilities.

Odaiba can be reached by Yurikamome, a futuristic automatic driving monorail, or by walking or driving across the Rainbow Bridge.

You can relax on the sand beach of Odaiba Kaihin Park and view Mt.Fuji in clear day.

You can also visit the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) and interact with a robot that walks by himself.

There are also shopping malls such as the 1960s retro shopping district, the Venice-themed Venus Fort, and ocean theme Aqua City, Gundam theme diver city mall.

From the waterfront cafes and restaurants, you can enjoy the view of the city center with its skyscrapers.

Aloha festival Odaiba 2022

Aloha festival Odaiba 2022

Aloha festival Odaiba 2022 will be held July 15-18 around the Statue of Liberty and on the main promenade.

Stage at Statue of Liberty area

Hawaiian music

The BEACH STAGE, specially set up on the West Promenade in front of the Statue of Liberty, will feature 40 stages over four days.

And the AQUA STAGE, specially set up inside Aqua City, will feature 30 stage programs over three days (16-18 July).

These are hula and Tahitian shows, popular ukulele singers and popular singers perfect for sunset time.

It will be a comfortable space as if you were on a beach in Hawaii.


Hawaiian foods

In the center of the venue, there will be a lineup of kitchen cars offering a variety of popular Hawaiian dishes.

In addition to local Hawaiian food, shaved ice, malasadas, and lemonade.

There will of course wide selection of Hawaiian beers.

Enjoy shopping and the show with a stylish bottle of Hawaiian beer in hand!

Why don’t you enjoy the summer atmosphere in Odaiba?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Aloha festival Odaiba

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