Huge Red Torii gate of 24.2m at Heian Jingu shrine!

Huge Red Torii gate of 24.2m at Heian Jingu shrine!

Torii gate of Heian Jingu shrine

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Torii gate of 24.2m, 9th tallest in Japan

Torii gate of Heian Jingu shrine

I went to Heian Jingu Shrine in Kyoto, Japan.

The symbol is the 9th tallest torii in Japan, at 24.2m.

This form of vertical pillar and horizontal pillar crossing is called Myojin-zukuri style.

It is also characterized by its thick pillars and stocky atmosphere.

The ranking from No. 1 is

No. 1 Kumano Hongu Taisha
33.9 m
No. 2 Omiwa Shrine 32.2 m
No. 3 Yahiko Shrine 30.2 m
No.4 Mogami Shrine 27.5m
No.5 Kashima Jingu Shrine 26m
No.6 Yasukuni Shrine 25m
No.6 Kamibashira Shrine 25m
No.8 Heian Shrine, Hokoku Shrine 24.2m
No.10 Izumo-taisha shrine 23m

Kumano hongu taisha shrine
Kumano hongu taisha shrine 33.9m

The contrast between the passing by cars and the torii gate is very beautiful.

Heian Jingu shrine

Heian Jingu Shrine was planned to be as a centerpiece of the National Industrial Exhibition held in Kyoto in 1895.

It was to commemorate the 1,100th anniversary of the relocation of the capital to Kyoto(Heian-kyo.)794.

The shrine pavilions were modeled after the Chodoin, the main building of the inner palace of Heian-kyo, and were restored to five-eighths the size of the original.

It’s completed in 1895.

If you visit Kyoto, why don’t you see the torii gate of Heian Jingu Shrine?

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