Ice cave in the suicide forest in Mt.Fuji


is located in the north skirt of Mt.Fuji , vast sea of trees area. It’s formed on the lava of the AD864 big eruption of Mt. Fuji .

Suicide forest, AOKIGAHARA

It’s a young forest and have a lot of lava caves . Some of them are open to the public. I’ve been to the’NARUSAWA ICE CAVE ‘ where we can see the huge amount of ice even in summer!

It is 0℃ inside , very cold . In feudal age, samurai lords enjoyed ice displays in EDO( old name of Tokyo) over 100km away .

I know it’s notorious as a’ SUICIDE FOREST’ but it’s inside the ‘Mt.Fuji world heritage site ‘ , there are many trekking routes, tour guide and well preserved.I think you enjoy this area !!

But our phone doesn’t work well ( this time too…) in this area .
I guess it’s because ‘Geomagnetism’ not by the ghost …

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!

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