TOKYO CAMP talking video at WADAKURA FOUNTAIN PARK near Tokyo station


WADAKURA FOUNTAIN PARK is in between Tokyo station and the imperial palace.

It’s built in 1961 as a commemoration of the Emperor Emeritus couple wedding and renovated in 1995 as a commemoration of today’s Emperor couple wedding.
It takes 5 minutes walk from Tokyo station through MIYUKI DORI( imperial road).
I recommend you go in from the east gate wooden bridge pedestrian road as video, not from the asphalt car road of the south.
This park is a park for local people with the rest area, rest house, the restaurant, and many fountains.
The rest area and the rest house are free.
Also there is a stone monument of the Emperor Eremites poem , which prays for keeping the everlasting green forest from the past .
The rest area is the terrace , good for a nice weather day , the rest house is inside , good for a hot, cold or rainy day .
The neighboring business people and local people come here have lunch , relax freely.
The restaurant is run by the place hotel , nice quality.
The lunch is from 3000yen( 30 dollars) , dinner time is for a party .
It’s famous for its delicious roasted beef dish .
The west side is the imperial palace if you cross the road, you can see the TATSUMI watch tower from the park.
If you get tired of a lot of walking around Tokyo station or the imperial palace, drop in here .
You can change the pace of your hustle travel!!

WADAKURA fountain park is the beautiful park near Tokyo station

I’m Nobu,one heart enjoy together!!!

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Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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