Ikebana art Tokyo, Miu-Ryu school at Meiji shrine

Ikebana art Tokyo , Miu-ryu school at Meiji shrine

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Mou-ryu ikebana

I saw an exhibition of ikebana at Meiji Shrine.

There were many different schools of ikebana on display this day.

This is an ikebana from a school called Miuryu.

Miyu-ryu school

The Miu-ryu school of ikebana was founded in the late Edo period during the Bunka era (1603-1868).

Ichiho Miusai is the founder.

There are several schools that call themselve. “Miu” today, but the origin of the school can be traced back to its founder, Miusai .

Philosophy of Miu-ryu

Miu-ryu text book
Text book of Miu-ryu school
Miu-Ryu text book
Text book

Miusai believed that nature is not only precious by herself.

But the true meaning of ikebana is to express a more essential beauty through the intervention of human hands.

Miusai praised the “equivalence” of nature and human hands.

Mou-ryu Ikebana

In addition, he systematized the previous ikebana theories by integrating Eastern philosophy into a floral form based on geometric theory.

So I think it is a typical combination with philosophy and real art.

Mou-ryu Ikebana

Anyway I think it’s a very beautiful ikebana.

Why don’t you come and see them?

Mou-ryu Ikebana

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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