Do you know there is a ‘ school system ’ in Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement ?

Do you know there is a ‘ school system ’ in Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement ?

Ikenobo school
Ikenobo school

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What is a school system?

I came across the Ikebana exhibition in Meiji shrine. At the exhibition they show the ‘ school’ of Ikebana.

School system is unique in Japanese traditional arts.

In traditional Japanese performing arts , school succeeds the authority of the style and its beauty.

Before the modern era, it was generally handed down from generation to generation, and this is still the case today.

Ikebana school history

There is no standardized form or method of ikebana.

The way of arranging flowers differs from school to school.

Schools of ikebana came into existence at the same time as the establishment of ikebana.

It was during the Muromachi period (1336-1573) when the monks of Rokkakudo temple in Kyoto established ikebana.


A school is composed of an Iemoto and a Soke. The Iemoto is the person who has the highest authority to hand down the tradition and style of the school.

The Iemoto is the person who has the highest authority to pass down the traditions and styles of the school.

Soke is the central family of a school.

It is also called the head of the family or the main family.

Incidentally, the Iemoto exists not only in the field of flower arrangement.

Tea ceremony, calligraphy, Noh, and Japanese dance also have the Iemoto system.

Iemoto also used to exist in Go and Shogi, but no longer.

Also, in some fields, the name “Iemoto” is not used.

Number of Schools

They say that there are more than 300 schools of ikebana, only a handful of which are well known in the world.

Among the many schools, there are three major schools.

They are Ikenobo, Sogetsu-ryu, and Ohara-ryu.

These three schools are the representative schools in Japan and are called the “three great schools. “

Of these, Ikenobo established ikebana, making it the oldest school.

Each school has its own unique philosophy and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Ikenobo school

Ikenobo school
Ikenobo school

This is the oldest school of flower arrangement in Japan.

Ikenobo Senkei, the first headmaster of the school, created a buzz with the beautiful flowers he arranged.

And the second headmaster, Sen’ou Ikenobo, established the philosophy of flower arrangement.

It has continued to be loved for a long time until the present day.

Today, Ikenobo school has expanded its activities overseas, with 400 branches in Japan and 100 branches around the world.

Based on the spirit of “harmony” and “beauty,” flowers are arranged in three styles.

These are rikka, shoka, and free-style ikebana.

it’s good for those who want to master the art of flower arrangement, as it has a long history and is classically impressive.

Sogetsu school

Sogetsu school
Sogetsu school

The Sogetsu School was founded by Sofu Teshigahara in 1927.

Until then, the main style of ikebana was conventional.

But the Sogetsu School emphasizes the free expression of individuality without being bound by form.

The Sogetsu School has an artistic and original atmosphere, so people with an artistic bent may want to start with the Sogetsu School.

Obara School

Ohara school
Ohara school

This school started in 1895 by Unshin Obara, a student of Ikenobo, who created a new form of ikebana called moribana.

Moribana is a style of flower arrangement in which flowers are arranged in a wide mouthed basin.

In the Ikebana world, most of the techniques have been passed on to individuals.

But in Ohara school, with the establishment of a unique curriculum, anyone can obtain certification anywhere in Japan.

Another characteristic of the Obara school is that it opened up the professorship to women in an effort to modernize the school.

You can learn how to arrange flowers in a way that suits your living space.

So if you want to casually incorporate flowers into your daily life, come and try it for yourself.

If you’re interested in Ikebana and attend the Ikebana exhibition, check the school of them.

You will enjoy the differences of the style and the beauty more!!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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