Japan Association of Secret Onsen( Hot Spring)!

Japan Association of Secret Onsen( Hot Spring)!

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Japan Association of Secret Onsen( Hot Spring)

Ssecret onsen Nishiya

This is the place where you can learn about true Japanese culture.


1975 night growth era

The Japan Association of Secluded Hot Springs was born in 1975.

It was at a time when Japan’s economy was growing rapidly and many tourist destinations were being swallowed up by the tourism industry and concrete hotels were being built one after another.

The association began with 33 inns that were abandoned by the major tourist industry due to inconvenient transportation.

As life continues to change with convenience way from these period.

But people who are tired of such a lifestyle are constantly coming back to the traditional Japanese atmosphere to heal their hearts and souls.

Today the member Onsen is 185.

These Onsen(hot spring) offer their own unique hot springs and cuisine made with local ingredients.

Nishiya ryokan( inn)

Secret onsen Nishiya
Secret onsen Nishiya
Secret onsen Nishiya
Secret onsen Nishiya

Nishiya Ryokan in Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture, is a Onsen(hot spring) ryokan in a traditional building with a thatched roof.

Inside, you will find easy-to-use bathrooms with bidet toilets and other amenities.



Yonezawa beef is famous in this area and is one of the top three beef in Japan along with Kobe beef and Matsuzaka beef.

Yonezawa beef is basically a 36-month-old female cow, and is characterized by its tender taste.

Yonezawa beef is especially good for sukiyaki, which I consider the best sukiyaki in Japan.


Secret onsen Nishiya

Onsen is from the mountain like a waterfall.

We smell the sulfur, seems like very nice effect to our body!


Secret onsen Nishiya

There are two cute cats at the front desk of Nishiya.
They always greet you quietly.

Shirabu Waterfall

Shirabu waterfall

There is Shirabu Great Falls About 5 minutes walk from Nishiya Ryokan.

I went there early in the morning and found it very quiet and refreshing place.

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