The Budo( traditional Japanese martial arts)performance at Meiji Shrine on Culture Day ( 3rd November)is a must-see!

The Budo( traditional Japanese martial arts)performance at Meiji Shrine on Culture Day(3rd November )is a must-see!


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3rd November

Meiji shrine

3rd November is a national holiday,
Culture Day, and various culture-related events are held in many places in Japan.

At Meiji Jingu Shrine, the “Autumn Grand Festival” is held every year from 1st November to 3rd November .

On 1st November ,the Tokoshi-no-Matsuri, a Shinto music and dance performance created from Emperor Meiji’s original, will be performed to commemorate the anniversary of the shrine’s establishment.



In addition, on 3rd November , Culture Day, the birthday of Emperor Meiji, an imperial envoy is sent from the Imperial Court to hold a regular festival.



Various traditional performing arts such as Bugaku, Noh and Kyogen are dedicated to the festival.

Ikebana (flower arrangement)

Ikebana ( flower arrangement)

At the corridor there was a beautiful Ikebana exhibition !

Budo performance


My top recommendation is the Japanese martial arts performance held in the west ground.

Starting around 9am you can see various martial arts such as karate, aikido, jujutsu, stick fighting, iaido, and kendo 70 clubs all performed here.



There was also a performance suitable for women’s self-defense.

Yabusame( horse back archery)

The highlight of the festival is Yabusame (horseback archery), a dynamic performance that has continued since 12th century.

The performance starts at 1pm but people started coming around 10am to get a seat.

When the target was successfully hit, we could hear the applause from the stands.

If you are coming to Japan this time of year, I highly recommend it.

Why don’t you try next chance?

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