SHINKANSEN ( bullet train ) travel

‘SHINKANSEN ( bullet train ) ‘

is the first and easiest way to travel Japan. It started 1964 by 220km/hour now 300km/hour .

SHINKANSEN ( bullet train )

The most impressive thing is it operates every 3-4 minutes, so many .If you get JAPAN RAIL PASS, ( period pass of Japan rail ) , you can travel anywhere all over Japan!

Japan Rail map
Japan Rail map
Ghe view from SHINKANSEN
The view from SHINKANSEN

But you can’t get on the fastest train NOZOMI, but you have to get on HIKARI, the second first one.HIKARI stops more stations than NOZOMI, the top speed is the same .

You can feel how is the speed from my video!
If you don’t have the plan to travel from Tokyo, just get on TOKYO- YOKOHAMA only 18 minutes.
You will feel the speed !!
If you have a plan to travel Japan check SHINKANSEN out!!

Shinkansen and Mt.Fuji

I’m Nobu , one heart enjoy together!!!

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>Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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