KATORI shrine the shrine of war God FUTSUNUSHI

‘KATORI shrine’

I visited KATORI shrine in Chiba prefecture next to Tokyo.

KATORI shrine

It is the main shrine of 400 KATORI shrines all over Japan. It’s said that founded 2600 years ago when the first emperor JINMU was enthroned and still one of the most important shrines which the imperial court offers new year prayer on 1st January .

Imperial court new year’s prayer
Imperial court new year’s prayer

Also it’s one of the deities is FUTSUNUSHI God of war also the origin of KENDO( Japanese sword art),many people come and pray for good fortunes and to be strong.


The shrine area is huge and quiet with full of green and traditional buildings .

Front approach to the main hall

The famous KASUGA shrine in Nara prefecture , famous for their deer invited the sacred things on their foundation AD 768 from KATORI shrine.

On the front shopping street they sell popular’ Escape from evil dumplings’ . It’s made from pounded rice with mugwort and sweet red beans.

Escape from the evil dumplings
Escape from the evil dumplings

If you’re interested in the traditional culture and delicious Japanese sweets, check out here!!

Precinct and sacred tree
Entrance of KATORI shrine
KATORI shrine entrance TORII gate

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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