Autumn festival in HIMEJI city


The most of autumn festivals were canceled this year due to corona.
It’s a really pity because there are tons of autumn festivals all over Japan this harvest period .

Usuki shrine in Himeji city
USUKI shrine in HIMEJI city

I put the video of last year.
This is my home town harvest festival at USUKI shrine of HIMEJI city in Hyogo prefecture west part of Japan .

USUKI shrine autumn festival

It started AD 227 which follows the mythological story of the imperial family that age .

Usuki shrine in Himeji city

We have same kind of 22 portable shrines in our town. Each of them are 2-3 ton heavy and many people have to carry them.

Portable shrines in Usuki shrine of autumn festival
YATAI( portable shrines)

We have lantern breaking ritual in previous night!

Lantern breaking ritual in Usuki shrine in Himeji city
breaking ritual

I love this powerful feeling sooo much from my childhood.

Carrying portable shrine

It’s always held on 21,22nd October in ordinary year.

Carrying portable shrine

If you want to feel the dynamism of this festival, come over here next year!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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