Kyoto Autumn leaves fully enjoy 2-Day tour -day1 

Kyoto Autumn leaves fully enjoy 2-Day tour -day1

Kyoto 2 day tour

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Fully enjoy the autumn leaves in Kyoto on a 2-day tour!

Toufukuji temple

We enjoyed the autumn scenery of one of the most beautiful seasons in Japan.

We went to a lot of places and did a lot of things, which I will report in two parts.

1: Tofukuji Temple, No. 1 on the list of most popular places for autumn leaves viewing

Tofukuji temple

First is Tofukuji Temple.

Tofukuji Temple is a large temple of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism, founded in 1236.

It is most famous for the autumn leaves that fill the valley inside the temple grounds.

It gets very crowded during the foliage season, but it is worth it.

The Honbo Garden is also definitely worth seeing.

It is a must-see.

2:The cheapest and tastiest ramen in Kyoto

Daikoku Ramen

Next, we went to Daikoku Ramen in front of Tofukuji Station.

The price is 530 yen!( 3,8 USD)

You can see how expensive ramen chain restaurants in Tokyo are.

We also had gyoza (dumplings) which were very tasty.

3: Yasaka Shrine, the shrine of geisha

Yasaka Shrine
Lanterns from geisha

Moving on to Gion, we went to Yasaka Shrine, which was built in 656.

It is always very lively with many food stalls.

There are many cute lanterns dedicated by geisha with their names on them.

4:Japanese-style Starbucks

Starbucks in Kyoto
Starbucks in Kyoto
Starbucks in Kyoto
Starbucks in Kyoto

There is a Japanese-style Starbucks on the approach to Kiyomizu Temple.

We took a break here.

It is a traditional Japanese house turned into a Starbucks.

The atmosphere is very exotic and fun.

5:Kiyomizu Temple, a World Heritage Site with a panoramic view of Kyoto

Kiyomizu Temple
Kiyomizu waterfall
Kiyomizu Temple

We walked along the approach to Kiyomizu Temple. 

The autumn leaves were so beautiful!

We took many pictures from different angles.

We also visited the three-story pagoda on the mountain across from the main hall.

6:Kodaiji Temple is beautifully illuminated

Koudaiji temple
KODAIJI temple
KODAIJI illumination

After the sun went down, we went to Kodaiji Temple, which is famous for its illumination.

The entire garden is lit up, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

The projection mapping in the main hall is also very beautiful.

It’s a fusion Japanese tradition with the latest technology.

7:Namisato, the most beautiful kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto

Gion Namisato restaurant
Gion Namisato

Gion Namisato is located by a small river called Gion Shirakawa.

We had a full-course kaiseki meal in a location overlooking the Shirakawa River.

Each dish was carefully prepared in front of us and served with just timing.

Eleven dishes were served, so we were very full.

How was it ?

You can enjoy them next time!!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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