Kyoto Autumn leaves fully enjoy 2-Day Tour-day2 

Kyoto Autumn leaves fully enjoy 2-Day Tour-day2

Autumn leaves in Kyoto Hogonin temple

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We had a 2-day tour to enjoy the autumn leaves in Kyoto.

We enjoyed the autumn scenery of one of the most beautiful seasons in Japan.

We went to many places and did many things, so I will report in two parts.

This is the second day.

1: Utano Youth Hostel, the best youth hostel in the world

Utano Youth Hostel

First, a quick shot in front of the Utano Youth Hostel, where we stayed.

It is a spacious and beautiful youth hostel, and was voted the best youth hostel in the world.

Since it is in Japan, it also has a large public bath.

2: Hozu River Rafting, a river cruise that has continued for 400 years

Hozu river cruise
Hozu river cruise

The Hozu River, which originates deep in the mountains of Kyoto, twists and turns its way to Arashiyama.

Originally, the river was used for water transportation of lumber.

It is said that river rafting for sightseeing began 400 years ago.

Three boatmen on one boat provide humorous guidance for approximately one and a half to two hours.

3: Arashiyama, an old aristocratic resort

Togetsu Bridge in Arashiyama

Famous as a resort for aristocrats in the Heian period (794-1185).

And Togetsu Bridge is packed with people.

Visitors can enjoy the flow of the Kamo River and the autumn leaves.

There are also many people playing on boats.

4: Arashiyama Monkey Park, Planet of the Apes

Monkey park in Arashiyama

There is a small shrine across the Togetsu Bridge, which is the entrance to the park.

The entrance fee is 600 yen and 300 yen for children.

After entering the entrance, it takes about 20 minutes to get to the Monkey Park by walking along the mountain path.

Now you can enjoy the autumn leaves along the way.

There are 30-40 Japanese monkeys roaming around freely without worrying about humans.

You can buy food for 100 yen to feed the monkeys.

But we humans feed the monkeys from inside their cages.

We took a commemorative photo with the monkeys.

5: Hogonin Temple, famous for its autumn leaves

Hogonin temple in Arashiyama
Matcha and Japanese sweets

We went to Hogonin Temple, one of the most famous places for autumn leaves in Arashiyama, which was founded in 1461.

The endless autumn leaves was just at its best and breathtaking.

We had a quiet, Japanese-style time in a Japanese house where we could drink matcha green tea and Japanese sweets.
At night, the house is illuminated, and is one of the most famous illumination in Kyoto.

6: Tenryuji temple UNESCO world heritage site

Tenryuji temple

This is the biggest Buddha temple in Arashiyama founded 1339.

The pond and hill are very beautifull!

7: Bamboo forest, popular photo spot

Bamboo forest in Kyoto
Bamboo forest in Kyoto

Next, we went to the bamboo forest .
There were a lot of people, but still the tall bamboos created a mysterious atmosphere.

8:Nomiya Shrine, Shrine of Love Stories

Nomiya Shrine

This shrine is mentioned in the Tale of Genji written in 1008, which is called the world’s oldest novel.

Nowadays, it is constantly filled with people praying for the fulfillment of their love and for the birth of a child.

9: Kyoto Station, the most modern station in Japan

Kyoto station
Kyoto station

The last stop is Kyoto Station for a commemorative photo. 
It is strange that the most modern station in Japan is located in the most traditional town in Japan.

Thank you for joining my tour!

I’m Nobu, one heart, enjoy together!!!

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