Odaiba Seaside Park at night !

Odaiba Seaside Park at night!

Odaiba at night

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Odaiba seaside park

It’s formerly a lumberyard, the park opened in 1975.

There are an artificial sandy beach, an observatory, boating facilities, and a marine house with showers and lockers.

So the park is a popular place for recreation and relaxation near the city center.

The park is also home of the Statue of Liberty in Japan.

The Statue of Liberty was installed in the park from April 29, 1998 to May 9, 1999 as part of the “France Year in Japan project.

This statue was the real one from Paris .

And it was so popular, people wanted to keep it that a bronze replica officially approved by the French government was installed in 2000.

Night view of Odaiba

We can see night views of the Rainbow Bridge and central Tokyo here.

It is often used as a filming location for Japanese TV dramas.

Since I stayed at a hotel in Odaiba that day, I was able to take my time to enjoy the Rainbow Bridge and the illuminated Statue of Liberty.

There are various photo spots on the deck.

Why don’t you come to Odaiba at night?

You will find an another beauty of night !

I’m Nobu, ind heart enjoy together!!!

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