KYOTO hidden colorful leaves spots

‘KYOTO hidden colorful leaves spots’
There are 71 colorful leaves spots in Kyoto. The most of the tourists visit the famous, popular temples and shrines which are very busy all the time.
I show you some colorful leaves spots which are not so popular still quiet and very beautiful.

Front approach to OOTANI-HONBYO

This temple is OOTANI-HONBYO which is the cemetery temple of the founder of the JODOSHINSHU Buddhism school , one of the biggest Buddhism schools in Japan.

Gate and founder’s statue

There are beautiful MOMIJI( Japanese maple) trees along the front approach to the temple.
Also the pavement bridge is made by stone , very charming.

Red, yellow and green colors

It takes 15 minutes walk from KIYOMIZU temple, which is one of the top tourist spots in Kyoto . The temple precinct is very calm and quiet because of few tourists here .

The entrance of ootani-honbyo

If you visit KIYOMIZU temple and want to escape from the busy tourist spots, check out here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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