How to walk DOUTONBORI in OSAKA at night

‘How to walk DOUTONBORI in OSAKA at night’

I went to Osaka my home area west part of Japan. I’m originally near here speak dialect of this area, Kansai-Ben( dialect ) .
I love the atmosphere of DOUTONBORI on the canal side middle of OSAKA, very random, chaotic and fun !!

Runner neon sign at DOUTONBORI

I show you 4 tourist spots you shouldn’t miss here . Each of them are very close , you need just 10-15 minutes to walk through.

1: Runner neon sign.

This is the sign board of the confectionery company ‘Glico’from the EBISU bridge.
It’s one of the most popular photo shooting place !

2: Moving Crab sign board

This is the sign board of the crab restaurant KANIDORAKU. It’s a huge creature sign and there are many other similar sign boards along the DOUTONBORI street.

3: Drum striking doll KUIDAORE TARO

This is the sign of the entertainment company NAKAZA.
His funny glassed character is very popular for Japanese people.

4: MIZUKAKE-FUDO Buddha temple

This is the small temple in the back street of DOUTONBORI.

Crab sign board

The Buddha statue here in covered by moss because people pray here pouring the water on the statue every time. So he is always wet and good to bring up the moss!

MIZUKAKE FUDO Buddha statue

The night time of this area is very spectacular and mysterious. You can enjoy modern Japan and traditional Japan at the same time!!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

KUIDAORE Taro, the simbol and  of Osaka
Runner sign board at DOUTONBORI Osaka
sign board at DOUTONBORI

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