Last paradise of Japan , Ogasawara islands , the only one way to get there is 24 hours boat riding!

Last paradise of Japan , Ogasawara islands , only one way to get there is 24 hours boat riding!

Have you ever heard of the Ogasawara islands of Tokyo? This place is truly the last paradise of Japan!

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Travel to the Ogasawara Islands

Ogasawara maru ship
Ogasawara maru ship

I’m going on a trip to the Ogasawara Islands now.

The Ogasawara Islands are located about 1000 km south of Tokyo.

The climate is subtropical, but they are in Tokyo metropolitan prefecture.

So the cars have Shinagawa license plates, the same plates as those in central Tokyo.


The islands have been visited by ships from Spain, Japan, Russia, and other countries since the 16th century.

But in 1593 a samurai named Ogasawara landed on the islands, reported the incident to the shogunate.

Then these islands gave the name Ogasawara.

The southernmost and easternmost of Japan

There are the southernmost and the easternmost places in Japan.

There is no airport, and the only way to get here is by a liaison ship that goes once a week.

There is only one ship, and it comes back to Tokyo from Ogasawara in six days, and leaves again the next day.

The trip takes 24 hours each way.

And once you are away from Tokyo, there is no wifi on the ship, so you are truly cut off from civilization.

Tokyo bay
Tokyo bay

I’m going to take it easy, enjoy the scenery away from Tokyo, and spend the rest of the 24 hours reading books, eating snacks, and relaxing by listening to the music I take here .

I’ll be back soon.

The Rainbow Bridge
The Rainbow Bridge

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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