OLD TOWN in Japan, MYOSHINJI temple

‘OLD TOWN in Japan, MYOSHINJI temple’
I like old towns in Europe so much. There are many famous world heritage sites like Firenze, Avignon , Sienna …But even small cities and villages they have cute , quiet and beautiful old towns . I really love them, when I driving Europe I always drop in unknown small village and look for a old town of the village center.
They still look like in the medieval age and I always moved that there are people living there today !

Colorful leaves in myoshinji  temple

In Japan there aren’t old towns like that because Japanese buildings are made by wood and renovated time to time also modern buildings are built close to the historical buildings at the same area .
If you want to feel the real medieval atmosphere, I recommend MYOSHINJI temple in Kyoto.

Street in MYOSHINJI temple complex
Main hall
MYOSHINJI temple complex

MYOSHINJI is the Zen temple founded 1342 in west part of Kyoto the founder was the HANAZONO retired emperor.
This is the temple complex of 46 small temples and traditional buildings, the atmosphere is like real medieval age .

Colorful leaves in MYOSHINJI temple

There are some beautiful Japanese gardens open to the public , meditation practice temple, writing Buddha chanting temple, monks inn hotel temple etc…

Walk of the buildings in MYOSHINJI temple

But most of the temples are only for Buddha training of monks .
I think MYOSHINJI temple is the only one old town in Japan.

Cute Buddha statues of kindergarten in MYOSHINJI

If you want to feel you’re back in time to old Japan, check out here!!

Buddha statue and colorful leaves

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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