TOKYO SKYTREE OBSERVATORIES 350m, 450m which do you chose?

‘TOKYO SKYTREE OBSERVATORIES 350m, 450m which do you chose?’
There are 2 observatories in TOKYO SKYTREE. One is 350m and the other is 450m. 450m one is the world tallest observatory.

Tokyo Skytree observatories 350m , 450m
350m, 450m observatories

350m costs 2100yen( 21 dollars) 450m costs 3100yen ( 31 dollars) . Holidays are 2300, 3400 yen.

Ticket booth of Tokyo Skytree observatory
Ticket booth
The gate to the observatories

I think many people wonder which do you chose ?
If you’re a adventurous person , 450m is the ‘must ‘. You are on the top of the world!! There are a photo service and exhibition( now they’re doing the collaboration exhibition with anime EVANGELION until the end of March).

450m the world tallest observatory
450m observatory
Mt.Fuji from 450m observatory

If you are a family with kids , 350m will offer you enough pleasure.

350m observatory
350m north view with the shadow of TOKYO SKYTREE
350m observatory and Mt.Fuji

There are 3 floors in 350m observatory deck , 340m, 345m, 350m floors , you can enjoy all of them . There are restaurants , cafes , photo service, shops , exhibitions and’ glass floor( its see through, scary !)’.

Glass floor

You and your family will be satisfied staying here !
I recommend you go up in clear day , you would see Mt.Fuji from both observatories . It’s an another reward climbing here .

Mt.Fuji from 450m observatory of Tokyo Skytree
Mt.Fuji from 450m observatory

If you like the’ height’ , don’t miss here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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