OOYAMA temple one of the hidden colorful leaves spots near Tokyo

‘OOYAMA temple’
I visited OOYAMA temple in Kanagawa prefecture next to Tokyo.
It’s one of the hidden colorful leaves spots near Tokyo.

OOYAMA temple front stairs

This temple is located in the half way of the OOYAMA cable car to Mt.OOYAMA trekking entrance.
It’s founded AD755 as the Buddha temple but there are many ruins of prehistoric age near here, already is thought as a sacred place from that time.

OOYAMA temple

In autumn the surrounding area is covered by MOMIJI(Japanese maple) trees beautifully.
If you want to see the colorful leaves near Tokyo, this is one of my recommendations!

Colorful leaves in OOYAMA temple
11faces compassion Buddha statue

Soak in the colorful leaves and just enjoy scenery and relax here !!

Front approach to OOYAMA temple
Ooyama temple in Kanagawa prefecture

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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