Peeking hell and a bright Tokyo bay view!

Peeking hell and a bright Tokyo Bay View!

Peeking hell of Mt.Nokogiri

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Mt. Nokogiri


Take a peek into hell at Mt. Nokogiri summit 330m and enjoy the view of the middle of Tokyo Bay at Umihotaru, a service area on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line highway!

Mt.Nokogiri is located near Tokyo Bay in Chiba Prefecture and offers a spectacular view from the top.

It was once used as a quarry, and the quarried stones have been turned into a lookout point called Jigoku-nozoki (peeking into hell).

It is a slightly scary sightseeing spot where you can look down from the edge of the cliff.

The entire mountain is the precincts of Nihonji Temple, and there are many sights to see.

Buddha statue of Nihonji temple

These are including Japan’s largest stone Buddha at 31 m, a stone Buddha like the one in Bamiyan, a statue of the Kannon carved into the cliff, and 500 arhats statues.

Kannon station statue at Nihonji temple
500 arhats

From the parking lot of Nihonji Temple, you can reach the summit via 2,639 steps.

Umihotaru service area

Umihotaru Tokyo bay service area
Umihotaru service area

On the way back from Nihinji temple , stop at the Umihotaru Service Area on Tokyo Bay.

Umihotaru is located in the middle of the Tokyo bay , so visitors can enjoy an unobstructed 360-degree view of Tokyo Bay.

Over view

Time: Saturday, September 24, 7:30 a.m.
Place: 7:30 a.m. Seijo Gakuenmae Station Central Gate, Odakyu Line, Station No. OH14
Participation fee: 5,000 yen (organizing fee, highway fee, transportation)
What to bring: Hiking shoes, towel, drink, lunch
Not included: Entrance fee to Nihon-dera Temple (700 yen)
Distance: 6km, 9000 steps
Calorie consumption: 750 kcal

Time table

7:45 Depart from Seijo Gakuen Mae Station
9:15 Arrive at Nihonji temple parking lot
9:45 Departure from Nihonji temple arking lot
11:00 Arrive at summit, peek into hell, lunch
12:45Depart from the summit
13:45 Arrive at Nihonji temple parking lot, departure
14:15Arrive at Umihotaru Service Area
15:45Departure from Umihotaru Service Area 
17:30Arrival at Seijogakuenmae Station

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