I came across the pet shop in HIROO, the south of SHIBUYA.

Extend your dog’s life

Pet shop in HIROO

This pet shop is for dogs and cats .
In Japan there are wide variety of pet shops like,
1: dogs and cats
2: small birds
3: gold fish
4: Koi fish
5: tropical fish
6: reptiles
7: etc…

Cute dog
Mini Shiba inu
Cocker spaniel
Cocker spaniel

You can come across them in the city often.
AKITA, SHIBA INU, and other dogs are available from the breeders too.
In the big city’s pet shops sell baby and mini animals because of the cost performance reason.
The small animals are very cute and adorable, you can enjoy just watching them.
If you like small animals, check out the pet shops in the city.

Tropical fish shop
Tropical fish
Lizards pet shop

You see how they are treated in the shop, can feel the idea of the Japanese pet society not only cat-cafe or dog-cafe!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Extend your dog’s life

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