How to enjoy YOYOGI park

‘How to enjoy YOYOGI park ’
YOYOGI park is the big city park in HARAJUKU Tokyo.

How to speak easy Japanese

Old couple
Boys are playing card game
Birthday party

It’s very easy to access from JR HARAJUKU station and metro MEIJI-JINGUMAE station just 2-3 minutes walk.

It’s next to the MEIJI shrine.


It’s the 5th huge park in Tokyo metropolitan.
Many Tokyo residents enjoy this park during their off time .
I came across many people enjoying as much as they can .
Boys are enjoying card game, young women are celebrating friend’s birthday by decorating the happy birthday banner, old couple enjoy walking with their dog .
Guys are enjoying basketball!


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I’m Nobu, one heart, enjoy together!!!

How to speak easy Japanese

Young women are celebrating birthday party in Yoyogi park
Birthday party
Boys are playing card game in yoyogi park
card game
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