What is minshuku? Minshuku is a family inn in Japan with one night 2 meals , hot spring available! 

What is minshuku? Minshuku is a family inn in Japan with one night 2 meals , hot spring available!

Minshuku Japanese family inn

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Minshuku, Japanese family running inn

A minshuku is a unique Japanese lodging facility run by a family.

It started as a private house or a room in an unused hut that was used to accommodate guests.

Since the room is basically a room of a minka (private house) in a rural area of Japan.

So the tatami mats and other aspects of the unique Japanese lifestyle are still intact.

Dinner of Minshuku

Originally, minshuku were lodging facilities in which a room in a local private home of a farmer, fisherman, dairy farmer.

They offered for lodging to tourists such as skiers and sea bathers.

In other words, the guesthouse is basically a dual-income establishment, where the guests are served fresh produce from the main business.

Therefore,the bedrooms, the hallways, bathrooms, toilets, and other common areas used by guests were shared by the owner and his family, who lived in the private home.

Nowadays, most of the facilities are separated from the residential areas of family out of consideration for the guests (privacy, hygiene, etc.).

Stay, dinner and breakfast

Minshuku 500 miles

Basically, the price includes dinner and breakfast, which are served with their products.

I stayed at a guest house on the Pacific Ocean coast for 9,340 yen (93.4 dollars)per night which included dinner and breakfast with very fresh seafood.

Open air bath of Minshuku 500 miles
Open air bath of Minshuku 500 miles

And there is an open-air hot spring bath with excellent hot water quality.

It is called “Minshuku 500 Miles.” in Hakuro town south Hokkaido.

Many minshuku are only available in Japanese, and many of them have tatami mat rooms, which is tough for foreign tourists.

However, it is a very good place to see real life of rural Japan.

Why don’t you try minshuku , Japanese family inn in Japan?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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