Snow in late spring, Senjojiki Curl in Nagano prefecture!

Snow in late spring , Senjojiki Curl in Nagano prefecture!

Senjojiki curl

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Senjojiki ( 1000 thousand tatami mats)Curl

Senjojiki curl

I went to Senjojiki Curl, a bowl-shaped terrain carved out by glacial ice 20,000 years ago in Nagano Prefecture on 26th May.

The curls spread out just below the rock face of 2931m Mt.Hoken.( treasure sword)

Mt.Hokendake 2931m
Mt.Hokendake 2931m

After getting off the Komagane ropeway station, the highest station in Japan 2612m,the Senjojiki Curl spreads out before your eyes.

Ropeway station 2612m
Senjojiki curl

The walking trail in the curl takes about 40 minutes for a round trip.

In spring, Senjojiki Curl is visited by skiers and tourists who cannot wait for summer.

In summer, the curls are covered with lovely alpine plants in bloom.

In autumn, the entire surface of the mountain shines with a golden color.

In winter, visitors can enjoy the blue sky and pure white winter scenery.

Many climbers and tourists from all over Japan come to enjoy the magnificent and beautiful scenery that changes dynamically from season to season.

Bus and ropeway

To get there, take a 30minute bus ride from Suganodaira at the foot of the mountain to Shirabidaira, and then a 7-minute ropeway ride to Senjojiki.

The round-trip fare is 4,070 yen for the bus and ropeway.

I went there on May 26, and there was still a lot of snow on the ground, giving it a winter mountain atmosphere.

The boardwalk is still mostly covered with snow, so I recommend July or August if you want to visit.

If you want to see the magnificent starry sky and the magnificent sunrise, there is also the Senjojiki Hotel to stay.

Would you like to experience this spectacular view?

You will find an another nature of Japan!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Mt.Hokendake 2931m

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