Do you know there is a Buddha temple Apple’s founder Steve Jobs wanted to become a monk in Japan ?

Do you know there is a Buddha temple Apple’s founder Steve Jobs wanted to become a monk in Japan?

Eiheiji temple in Fukui prefecture

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Apple’s founder Steve Jobs and Buddhism

Apple’s founder Steve Jobs had a deep interest in Japanese culture from his young age.

Apple’s founder Steve Jobs and Zen Buddhism

These are art, religion, and especially Zen Buddhism.

Steve Jobs’ first spiritual contact with Japan was self-discovery.

He was adopted right after his birth, and as a young man, he tried many things in his search for himself.

Jobs even visited India, which was popular at the time.

He finally ended up at a Zen Buddhism center in his home state of California.

His instructor was a Soto school Zen monk from Kamo City, Niigata Prefecture, named Hirofumi Otogawa.

The teacher of Apple’s founder Steve Jobs, Mr.Otogawa

Jobs followed him as a master for 30 years. Next, Jobs’ second company, which he founded in 1985, had Otogawa as a spiritual advisor.

He also invited him to his own wedding. Otogawa celebrated it by Zen style.

Jobs would enthusiastically send Otogawa profound questions about the truth and nature of things.

Jobs was very attracted to the Soto school Buddhism, and even considered becoming a monk at Eiheiji Temple which is the headquarter of Soto school in Fukui Prefecture.

Steve Jobs said, ” I think Buddhism, especially Zen Buddhism in Japan, is wonderfully aesthetic. I am deeply moved by what the culture creates. “

What is Eiheiji Temple?

Eiheij temple in Fukui prefecture

Zen Buddhism was founded by an Indian monk named Daruma. You would see his small round red doll often in Japan.

Its lineage spread from China to Japan, where it flourished and developed.

Soto school Zen originated in China in the 9th century, and came to Japan by the Japanese monk Dogen, who practiced and attained enlightenment.

Dogen master of Soto school Zen

In 1244, at the age of 45, Dogen built Daibutsu-ji Temple in Fukui Prefecture at the request of a samurai lord, and renamed it Eihei-ji Temple two years later.

Nestled in a deep mountainous area, the temple has seven halls: Sanmon, Butsuden , Hattou Soudou, Kuin , Yokushitsu, and Tosu.

There are still about 200 monks practicing Soto school Zen according to the strict rules set by Master Dogen.

Steve Jobs and his achievements

Steve Jobs was never actually been a monk at Eiheiji temple.However, the main goal of Buddhism is not to achieve enlightenment for oneself, but to dedicate oneself to the service for others first.

It’s called Mahayana altruism. For others first , no for oneself .

Apple’s founder Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs brought the essence of this to people all over the world through Apple’s products and services, didn’t he?

Visit Eiheiji temple in Fukui prefecture

If you want to see and feel the Buddha temple where Apple’s founder Steve Jobs wanted to become a monk , visit Eiheiji temple in Fukui prefecture!

You can see inside of this temple by 500yen( 5 dollars) . Also you can practice Zen meditation, sutra writing and join the morning chanting.

It’s a nice silent local area to feel the sustainable relaxing lifestyle of Japan.

There are other tourist spots in Fukui prefecture.

Tojinbo cliff is the famous tall and wide cliff with pilar like stones.

Tojinbo cliffs

Also there is a one of the world 3 popular Dinosaur museum.

Dinosaur museum

It takes 3 hours from Tokyo, next to Kanazawa, popular tourist area of Sea of Japan side.

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Tourism guide in Fukui prefecture

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