Speakers crafting during semi-lockdown

I love listening to music so much, rock , jazz , ethnic , classic and any kind of beautiful sounds .

Also making own speaker is a big fun for me and it offers multiples joy of listening music .

planning and making speakers by myself

I planed new speaker during the Covid semi-lockdown period this year to kill time.

It’s a one box type speaker which is set behind the screen to listen to the movie sound .

Make  the concept of the speaker

1: firstly I planned a concept and draw blue print.

Blueprint of the new speaker

2: I bought a wood board at Tokyu-Hands store and asked them cut it as my blueprint.

Parts of speaker
Speaker parts

3: I assembled it as a speaker at my room .

I assembled my new speaker
assemble the speaker parts

4: I tested the sound of the new speaker and enjoyed the sound of the movie.

Sound test of new speaker

I use the speakers unit FE83 from FOSTEX , one of the famous audio maker of Japan.

Have you done something during the lockdown days ?

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