TOKYO CAMP at Meiji shrine

I uploaded ‘TOKYO CAMP ‘ video ,it’s an urban solo camping at MEIJI SHRINE .

Tokyo is a huge city with many buildings. But there are many nature too. I always enjoy urban camping . Eating outside is very enjoyable!

Urban camp at Meiji shrine
MEIJI shrine
MEIJI shrine backyard
Prepare urban camp
Urban camp

I speak in Japanese about culture, nature , manners, and COVID-19.
I put subtitles in Japanese, English ,
French, German ,Spanish ,Italian ,Chinese( Taiwan ,mainland China),Thai, Russian.
You click the 3 dots mark and look for your language.
I don’t think it’s accurate but you can guess what I’m talking .

Urban camp

00:00 urban camp what to bring, explanation about the surroundings
04:20 COVID-19, my impression
05:50 winter weather in Japan
07:20 trash cans in Japan
10:20 MEIJI SHRINE how to enjoy
13:00 new year festival of business prosperity
14:50 Craw in Japan
16:10 Japan football team symbol is 3legs Craw from the myth
18:00 best travel season is winter?

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>Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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