UFO CATCHER ( crane game)

‘UFO CATCHER ( crane game)’

UFO CATCHER is a popular Japanese arcade game. You control the catching handle 2 times and go down the handle to grab a plushy or a toy.

It has been popular in 1960s in Japan, on 1970 OSAKA EXPO, there showed big ‘UFO CATCHER’ in one pavilion.
I went to SHIBUYA yesterday and everything is going back to normal without wearing a mask all the time.

UFO CATCHER ( crane game)

This video is the arcade of UFO CATCHER only . There are tons of UFO CATCHERs all over Japan, shopping areas , stations, department stores, Onsens ( Japanese natural spa) etc…

UFO CATCHER ( crane game)
UFO CATCHER ( crane game)

One play is 100 yen ( 1 dollar) , you can get plushy if you control handle well!

Pooh plushy  get !
Plushy get !
Mickey plushes get !
Mickeys !!

But if you’re bad , you will spend a lot of money or you can’t get it!
Anyway it’s a typical Japanese game don’t miss it!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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