Tokyo camp in Enoshima while watching Mt.Fuji

Tokyo camp in Enoshima while watching Mt.Fuji

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Enoshima island

Family and Mt.Fuji
Family and Mt.Fuji

Tokyo Camping in Enoshima I spent a relaxing holiday in Enoshima.

Enoshima is a resort area only an hour away from Shinjuku by Odakyu Line.

Enoshima is an island, but when the tide was low, a sandbar appeared and connected the land.

It is in the same natural environment as Mont Saint-Michel in France.

Mint Saint Michael
Mont Saint Michael

Walk to the Enoshima Benten shrine

After getting off the train at Katase Enoshima Station, walk for a minute or two to the Enoshima Benten Bridge.

Then walk for about five minutes to the Torii gate and the approach to the Enoshima Bezaiten Shrine.

Enoshima Bezaiten shrine was enshrined AD522.

It was when God descended the cave of the southern reef.

Enoshima Bezaiten
Enoshima Bezaiten

Bezaiten is God of music and art.

So many artists come and offer prayers here.

There are a lot of souvenir shops and food shops here, and it is always fun and crowded with people.

But today, because of Corona, there were fewer people here.

This time I visited Bezaiten and went to the reef on the south side of the island.

It takes about 30-40 minutes on foot from the entrance torii gate.

Front approach
Front approach

There are several small shrines, temples, and restaurants along the way.

Sea Candle

There is also an observatory, Sea Candle, at the top where you can see Mt.Fuji. and the Pacific Ocean.

Sea candle
Sea Candle

I went beyond the Sea Candle to the southern reef.

There were a lot of fishermen and families there.



That day I could see Mt. Fuji over the Pacific Ocean.

I also had lunch camping while looking at Mt. Fuji.

The dynamic Pacific Ocean and the beautiful Mt.Fuji!


My lunch
My lunch

It’s a great place to have lunch.

Today’s lunch was Cup Noodles.

It’s cold outside, so warm noodles are very tasty.

Also, afterwards I had a drip of coffee.

Would you like to have a picnic on Enoshima with the Pacific Ocean and Mt.Fuji ?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!


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