Do you know about Edo castle, the largest castle in Japan?

Do you know about Edo Castle, the largest castle in Japan?

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Edo castle

Edo castle
Edo castle

Edo Castle was where the Imperial Palace is now located.

It’s the canter of Tokyo also center of Japan.

You can enjoy the Edo castle where there are many tourist destinations.

The first castle was built in 1487.

And It has been rebuilt many times.

It became the largest castle in Japan when it was rebuilt for the third time in 1636.

Edo castle 17th century
Edo castle 17th century

Because it’s to make it suitable for ruling the country after the Tokugawa Shogunate was established in 1603.

The castle tower alone is 44.8 meters high.

And the total height with the stone walls was 58 m high, making it the tallest castle in Japan and had the largest castle area in Japan.

Let’s compare it with other buildings.

Height comparison
Height comparison

On the far left is the Statue of Liberty, Edo Castle, the five-story pagoda of Horyuji Temple, Himeji Castle, Matsumoto Castle, and the Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple in Nara.

Unfortunately, it was destroyed by fire in 1657.

There were discussions about rebuilding it that time.

But the shogun was worried about the burden on the people and decided not to build it.

Stone wall

Today, only the stone walls remain.

Stone wall of the tower
Stone wall of the tower

The castle has been used as the Imperial Palace since 1868.

And visitors are not allowed to enter the grounds where the Emperor and Empress reside.

And not allowed to go in the Imperial Household Agency offices.

Imperial court agency
Imperial court agency

The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace is open to the public now.

There are also the remains of the castle tower of Edo Castle in the garden.

The outer garden of the Imperial Palace is now a park.

It has moats, gates, and other remains that make it a worthwhile place to explore.

Wadakura fountain park
Wadakura fountain park in outer park

Imperial palace running

Imperial palace runners
Imperial palace runners

Edo Castle is also popular among runners.

They run around the moat of the castle.

It is also known as “Imperial Palace Running”.

As the Imperial Palace, the former Edo castle, there are tourist attractions and the running spot.

Edo Castle continues to attract people’s attention even today.

Why don’t you visit the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace and imagine what Edo Castle used to be like?

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