Utsue 48 Falls, the symbol of altruism!

Utsue 48 Falls, the symbol of altruism!

Utsue 48 waterfalls

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Utsue 48 waterfalls

Utsue 48 waterfalls

I climbed a mountain near Takayama with a beautiful series of waterfalls called Utsue 48 waterfalls.

In fact, it is a scenic chain of 13 different waterfalls.

The reason it is called 48 Falls is below.

History of this waterfalls

Utsue 48 waterfalls

A filial young man named Yosohachi (same sound as 48) used to live here with his sick mother.

One day, he went out to get iwana (char) for his sick mother, but deep in the mountains, he met a giant snake at the swamp and fell ill.

That day, a woman came his home and nursed the young man.

The young man got better.

Giant snake

Utsue 48 waterfalls
Utsue 48 waterfalls
Utsue 48 waterfalls
Utsue 48 waterfalls
Utsue 48 waterfalls
Utsue 48 waterfalls

The woman , who was actually a giant snake, had been nourishing her power to ascend to heaven on the mountain for 2,000 years.

But she was moved by the filial piety of the young man, she healed him with her own blood.

She disappeared, saying that she could no longer ascend to Heaven.


Utsue 48 waterfalls ascetic

The young man consulted a ascetic if there was any way to return the giant snake to Heaven.

The ascetic practiced fasting for 21 days and prayed to Fudo Myoo.( Buddha)

And finally a heavy rain fell, and the giant snake safely ascended to Heaven.

After the snake ascended, the swamp disappeared and a number of waterfalls of various sizes were formed.

Later, a great Buddhism monk came and said that the ascetic was an incarnation of Fudo Myoo, and that the name Yosohachi means 48 wishes in Buddhism.

Then the small and large waterfalls became known as the 48 waterfalls.

What do you think?

It is a beautiful story about people who are always considerate of others!

Why don’t you enjoy this beautiful waterfalls ?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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