Koi fish are swimming in the town river , Hida Furukawa!!

Koi fish are swimming in the town river, Hida, Furukawa!!

Hida Furukawa town

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Hida Furukawa town

There still olg townscape remaining in Hida area.

The cozy and atmospheric streets are perfect for a stroll.

The Seto River is surrounded by a backdrop of white-walled storehouses and stone walls of temples, where over 1,000 colorful carp swim.

Seto river

Seto river in Hida Furukawa

The Seto River is a popular main spot for strolling in Hida Furukawa, with its quiet atmosphere and rich landscape.

There is a box of foods feeding Koi fish!

Feeding Koi fish

Dozo street

White Wall Street

The town is still divided into a grid pattern and old townhouses still remain, and the 500m long Shirakabe Dozo Street is a beautiful scene that changes with the seasons.

Please make sure to extend your visit when you visit in Takayama.

You can find quiet and peaceful atmosphere here.!!

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