300years old Goyomatsu pine Bonsai and how to care it

300 years old Goyomatsu pine Bonsai and how to care it

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Ueno green club

I came across the beautiful bonsais at Ueno green club, which is a place of bonsai growers cooperative.

There is a head quoter and often has a exhibitions.

It’s next to the UENO park , 3 minutes walk from metro Nezu station.

There was a selling exhibition this day.

Ueno green club

Goyomatsu pine bonsai. asking price
Goyomatsu pine

I saw a beautiful Goyomatsu pine bonsai.

It’s beautiful and strong.

The price shows “ asking price”.

I can’t guess how much…..

Goyamatsu is a tree that grows naturally in high altitude areas and is very easy to grow.

Because it is a strong tree that can withstand the severe cold.

It is a tree that can be enjoyed by beginners and amateurs alike.

Because it can be grown in a variety of shapes by applying wire, and it has a character that comes with age.


The tree grows densely with many leaves.

Place it in a well-ventilated place.

It likes sunlight, so choose a sunny spot.

If you want to keep it indoors, keep it for a maximum of three days from spring to autumn, and for about a week in winter.

Avoid direct exposure to the wind from the air conditioner.


Slightly dry.

Feed once a day in spring and autumn, once every three days in winter, and twice in midsummer, when the topsoil is dry.


Apply an organic solid fertilizer once a month from April to September, except during the rainy season and mid-summer.

Pests & Diseases

Aphids and mites may occur on crowded leaves.

Prevent them by sterilizing frequently.


Cut off any conspicuous growth or excess twigs and leaves with scissors.

Prune branches that stick out from the outline or are crowded.


Apply after organizing the branches and leaves during the dormant season.

Leave the wire in place for about a year.


Remove old leaves as if you are raking them.

If the area is crowded, cut the new leaves as well.

In November, the tree will naturally shed its old leaves.

So it is best to pull out the remaining leaves with tweezers.


As the tree gets older, the repotting cycle is lengthened.

It takes about three years for a young tree.

Use a mixture of 7 red ball soil and 3 paulownia sand.

Cut the roots in half and plant the tree in a new pot.

How is it?

You can do it by yourself!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Ueno green club

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