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How to care Hinoki bonsai , Bonsai art Tokyo - TOKYO travel TIPS

How to care Hinoki bonsai , Bonsai art Tokyo

How to care Hinoki bonsai, Bonsai art Tokyo

Hinoki bonsai

Hinoki is well known as a high-grade building material.

But as a bonsai tree, it is not as popular as other pine and oak species.

However, the unique charm and elegance of the cypress tree makes it a fascinating bonsai to look at.

It is also easy to grow because it is hardy and resistant to insects. I


Hinoki bonsai

Place the tree in a well-ventilated and sunny location.

The strong western sun in midsummer will damage the tips of the leaves.

So shade them with a shade cloth or something similar.


The plant likes water, so water it a little more when it is a bit dry.

Insect pests

The plant is healthy, so it is not easily attacked by pests and diseases.

But spider mites are rarely seen.

So exterminate them when you find.


Hinoki bonsai

Apply a solid organic fertilizer once a month from March to November, except during the rainy season.


Cut unwanted branches during the month of May. Cutting too many branches at once can lead to branch dieback, so keep it light.


Hinoki bonsai

From mid-May to late September, prune the plant by continually picking overgrown shoots.

Hold an old branch in the overgrown area with your left hand.

Then pull it off by lightly squeezing it between the thumb and forefinger of your right hand.

How is it?

I think you can do it by yourself !

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Hinoki bonsai at Kokufu bonsai exhibition at Tokyo metropolitan art museum

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