How to care Satsuki bonsai, bonsai art Tokyo at Jindai botanical garden

How to care Satsuki bonsai? Bonsai art Tokyo at Jindai botanical garden

Satsuki bonsai

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Satsuki bonsai

The satsuki bonsai produces large flowers even on small pots.

Also there are many varieties.

And it grows quickly , is easy to tailor as a bonsai .

Also it is very deep, so is a representative of flower bonsai and has many enthusiasts.

The color of the flower differs depending on the variety.


Satsuki bonsai

It Prefers a sunny location.

Keep it in a well-ventilated location at least 30cm above the ground.


It is very water-loving.

Water once a day in spring and fall, once every two days in winter, and twice in mid-summer.

Give enough water when the topsoil is white and dry.


Satsuki bonsai

Prune in June by cutting the flower stalks from the base.

If you want to make it more compact, cut from the middle of the branches.

The tip of the branch is divided into three or more branches.

It should be cut leaving two branches.

The satsuki plant produces branches one after another from the base of the plant.

If you leave the branches as they are, the shape of the tree will become unbalanced, so pick them off as soon as possible.


Apply wire to new branches after flowering while they are still tender.

Since they grow quickly, remove the wires when they start to pinch in and repeat the process again.


Satsuki bonsai

Trim the leaves to increase the number of twigs and to make the leaves uniform in size.

The best time is around July after flowering.

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