7,5,3 years old celebration ( SHICHIGOSAN)

‘SHICHIGOSAN,7,5,3 years old celebration’

I came across the 7,5,3 years old celebration at nearby shrine.
Little SAMURAIS ( worriers)

I saw some cute little SAMURAI ( warrior)and HIME( princess)!

Little HIME( princess)
HIME( princess)

SAMURAI ( worrier)

7,5,3(SHICHIGOSAN) is the custom we celebrate the children’s growth and offer gratitude to the God in middle of November at the shrine.
3 years old is from ‘ toddler ’ to ‘ kid’.
5 years old is from ‘ kid ’ to ‘ child’.
7 years old is from ‘child’ to ‘adult’!
So they try to pretend they are older than their real age!

Little HIME( princess)

It’s also the period we offer the thankfulness of autumn harvest to God.
So October and November are the time for ‘thank you God’ period and many shrines have a lot of celebration events.Nowadays family go to the shrine to celebrate 7,5,3 years old celebration during late October to November up to their schedule.
If you come to Japan this period I recommend you go to the shrines.

SHOIN shrine
SHOIN shrine
7,5,3 year old celebration family photo

You will see children with traditional kimono!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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