We should keep this clean environment,AKANKO ( AKAN lake) famous for its MARIMO ( round moss-ball)

‘AKANKO( AKAN lake) famous for its MARIMO(round moss-ball)’
AKANKO(AKAN lake) is the beautiful lake famous for its MARIMO(mysterious round moss-ball) in east Hokkaido.

It’s a caldera lake formed by volcano eruption 10000years ago.

The average yearly temperature is 3.7℃, very cool .
There are many MARIMO( round moss-ball) in the bottom of the lake , the sizes are 15-30cm diameter.

The water should be very pure and clean for them to survive.

MARIMO ( round moss ball) in Akanko lake

You can see them at the observation center on the way of the sightseeing boat .

If you want to see the beautiful lake and feel the mysterious atmosphere, check out here!
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Akanko lake in east Hokkaido
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