HAPPINESS station in Hokkaido

‘HAPPINESS station in Hokkaido’
I came across the KOUFUKU( 幸福,happiness)station of Hokkaido.

It’s an ex-station of Japan rail which stopped the operation 1987.
The station named KOUFUKU( happiness) because there was a village who came from FUKUI prefecture of mainland.

There was a AIKOKU( 愛国, 愛love , 国land ) station on this line too, was very popular for lovers too.
So they bought ticket from ‘ 愛国love land ‘ to ‘ 幸福happiness’ .

People missed this station so much , rebuilt as a station park.

There are station building same as original waiting room , 2 trains , shop and rest house.
The surrounding area is very open and beautiful.

You can come here by buss and car.
If you want to buy a lucky ticket from LOVE LAND( 愛国)to HAPPINESS(幸福), check out here!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Happiness station in Hokkaido
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