Azalea festival,Carp streamers, local Udon and Japanese raccoon temple in 1 day!!

Azalea festival, Carp streamers, local Udon and Japanese raccoon temple in 1 day!!

Water lilies

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I went to the Tatebayashi Tsutsuji Festival in Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture.

It is an hour and a half drive from Tokyo and lasts until May 10.

Tatebayashi Tsutsuji ga Oka Park

Carp streamers

Tatebayashi Tsutsuji ga Oka Park is said to be the largest azalea park in Japan, with 10,000 azalea plants of 100 varieties.

In addition to azaleas, there are also plum trees, irises, water lilies, hydrangeas, and other flowers in the large park, so there is always something to see and do.

There are also ferry boats and sightseeing boats on Jounuma Pond.

And during the Lotus Festival in July and August, the boats sail through the lotus flowers.

There are also several restaurants and stores, so you can enjoy the whole day here.

There is a carp streamers in this season!

Lunch Hanayama Udon

Hanayama udon
Hanayama udon

Hanayama Udon is famous for its wide range of udon noodles.

It is the specialty here.

We had a simple set of tsukemen ( dip in) and tempura( fried vegetables and mushrooms)


Morinji Temple

Morinji temple
Morinji temple

We went to Morinji Temple, famous for the Japanese folk tale of the share-happiness tea kettle.

Long time ago, a Japanese raccoon found out that there were not enough kettles for the tea ceremony held at this temple, and the monk was worrying what to do.

Then he disguised himself as a kettle and saved the day.

He helped the monk of this temple as a kettle!

The water in this kettle never runs out no matter how much is used .

And it is said to bring good fortune, hence the name of the kettle, “Bunbuku chagama ,” which means “share good fortune kettle.

Many Japanese raccoon statues welcome you here!

We also can buy the local Sake here called Bunbuku( share-happiness sake) brewery.

Share-happiness Sake
Share-happiness Sake

Why don’t you enjoy nature, local food and culture at the same time in Tatebayashi city?

You will enjoy the local atmosphere a lot!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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