South IZU in IZU peninsula

‘South IZU in IZU peninsula ‘
IZU peninsula is one of my favorite relax area on weekends. It located 1.5 -3 hours from Tokyo by car and by train.

Surfer in SHIRAHAMA beach in south Izu
IZU peninsula map from Tokyo
IZU peninsula

It’s said IZU peninsula was the island of Pacific Ocean 200 million years ago, moved north by the force of the pacific philipino plate then hit to Japan main island.
So the geographical characters and plants are completely different from main island . Most of the places are rugged mountains and steep cliffs. The plants are similar to the plants of South Pacific Ocean. I saw many aloe flowers are blooming and some aloe festivals in south IZU.

Aloe flowers

There are several beautiful waterfalls , this one is one of KAWAZU town 7 waterfalls.

KAWAZU town 7 waterfalls

On the beach I saw many people are enjoying surfing !


If you come to Japan and get bored about city life , check out here!!
You can refresh fully in this area !!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

SHIRAHAMA beach in south IZU
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Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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