I came across the bathing rules signboard at the hotel I stayed.
It’s a good help for foreign tourists.

11 rules for bathing in an onsen

1:Clothes and slippers are not allowed in the bathing area.
Please keep your clothes in the lockers.
2:Please rinse your body in the shower area before using the baths.
3:Please do not enter with towels.
Please bind your hair up. So it won’t fell while you bathe.
4:Cameras and mobile phones are not permitted.
5:Please do not sleep in the bath and sauna.
6: Please remain silent while you are in the baths.
7:No tattoos and drunks allowed.
8:Please do not wash your clothes, nor dye your hair.
9:Dry yourself with a towel before leaving.
10:No food and drinks.
11:Always keep an eye on your children.

These are common rules for Japanese people but are helpful for foreign tourists.
I also add one more rule.
‘’Don’t wear swimming wear in the bath area. You should be naked in the baths.’’
If you come to Japan, enjoy Japanese bathing culture!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

11 rules to enjoy Japanese bath
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