Makunouchi bento, a lunch while watching the show!

Makunouchi bento a lunch while watching the show !

Bento food of plain rice and fried stewed chicken meat eggs broccoli flower and seaweed

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Makunouchi bento

A makunouchi bento is a boxed lunch consisting of white rice and several side dishes.

It literally means’ between the acts’ of the theatre.

At the Sumo wrestling stadium they also offer Makunouchi bento while the matches !

It has a long history.


According to an 1837 book, by the end of the Edo period, a bento consisting of rice ball with side dishes was called makunouchi.

It’s more elaborate than simple onigiri (rice balls).

Onigiri are made by putting your favorite ingredients into freshly cooked hot rice, and making the inside soft and the outside firm.

It was first made for actors and backstage workers at theatrical performances.

And eventually it developed into something for spectators.

The spectators ate Makunouchi bento between the acts of the theatre!

Makunouchi bento was first made by a store called Bankyu.

The makunouchi bento was eventually used not only for theatrical performances, but also for visiting the sick or as a gift.

Since the 19th century, makunouchi bento has spread as one of the styles of ekiben.( portable lunch at the train station)

It was first introduced in 1889 at Himeji Station in Hyogo Prefecture by Maneki company (now Maneki Foods).

Since the containers for ekiben could not be collected, the method of serving ekiben in a disposable wooden box became widespread.

Conveni bento

Today, many different types of bento are sold at convenience stores, but the makunouchi bento, which comes in a rectangular box, is always popular.

Why don’t you try makuuchi bento when you come to Japan?

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