Bonsai art Tokyo, cherry blossom

Bonsai art Tokyo, cherry blossom Bonsai!

I came across the beautiful cherry blossom Bonsai at OOMIYA Bonsai museum next to Tokyo.

Cherry blossom Bonsai
Cherry blossom Bonsai at OOMIYA bonsai museum
Cherry blossom Bonsai
The trunk of bonsai
Trunk of Bonsai

It takes 30 minutes train from Tokyo station to Toro station, then 5 minutes walk.
The entrance fee is 310yen ( 3 dollars).
The whole Bonsai exhibitions are well maintained, very beautiful.
You should notice that there is a photo available area and photo prohibited area .


There is a ‘ Bonsai village ‘ nearby 5-10 minutes walk . There are several Bonsai shops which are moved from Tokyo after 1923 the great earthquake.
The town name is’ BONSAI CHO’ literally means Bonsai town.

Bonsai village one of the shops

There are rules to live this town.

1:You should have at least more than 10

2: You should open the gate to anybody can
see the garden.
3:Your house should be the flat floor. Don’t
build multiple floors house.

4:You should make the plant hedge, not

What a charming rules !

If you come to the OOMIYA BONSAI museum, check Bonsai village too!!

What is Bonsai?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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