Do you know Ogasawara islands are family islands ?

Do you know Ogasawara islands are family islands?

Ogasawara islands
Ogasawara islands

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The Meaning of the Names of the Ogasawara Islands

The Ogasawara Islands are a World Heritage Site located 1,000 kilometers south of Tokyo.

Many of the islands have names, and they are actually quite fun names.

It’s not obvious to a foreigner.

But once you start learning Japanese, you’ll smile when you hear the name Ogasawara Islands.

There are more than 30 islands in total, and here are the names of the major ones.

Chichijima means Father island

Chichijima island =Father island
Chichijima , father island

You arrive Chichijima after 24 hours ferry by Ogasawara maru ship from Tokyo, the largest of the Ogasawara Islands.

The name of this largest island is Chichijima, means Father Island.

Nearby are Anijima, Elder Brother Island, Otouto jima, Younger Brother Island, and Magojima, Grandson Island.

To the north of Chichijima are Mukojima son-in-law island, Yomejima, daughter-in-law island, and Nakoudojima, matchmaker island.

Chichijima=Father island

Anijima=Elder brother island

Otoutojima =Younger brother island

Magojima =Grandson island

Mukojima =Son-in-law island

Yomejima=Daughter-in-law island

Nakoudojima=Matchmaker island

Hahajima means Mother island

Hahajima =mother island
Hahajima, mother island

A two-hour ferry ride from Chichijima takes you to Hahajima, the second largest island in the Ogasawara Islands.

Hahajima means the mother island.
Chichijima is the largest island, and Hahajima is the second largest island.

There are several other islands just south of Hahajima island.

Anejima, elder sister island, Imoutojima, younger sister island, and Meijima, niece island.

Hahajima =Mother island

Anejima=Elder sister island

Imoutojima=Younger sister island

Meijima =Niece island

Moreover , the tallest mountain in Hahajima Mt.Chibusa 463m means Mt. Boobs!


It is said that these islands were named by Mizuno Tadanori, a samurai of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

When he inspected these islands at the end of the 19th century, he said, “These islands are like a family.’

What do you think? Have you become interested in the Ogasawara Islands?

If you’re interested in them, visit them someday!

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Chichijima island = father island
Chichijima island
Hahajima island

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