Why don’t you see the 360 degrees view from Mt.Kofuji in Hahajima island of Ogasawara ?

Why don’t you see the 360 degrees view from Mt.Kofuji in Hahajima island of Ogasawara?

Katsuo torishima
Katsuo torishima

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Trekking on Mt.Kofuji ( little Fuji) in Hahajima.

I have been trekking on Mt.Kofuji in Hahajima.

In this blog, I will introduce you to the southern tip of Hahajima, Mt.Kofuji( little Fuji).

I left my hotel at 5:00 a.m. on my rented motorcycle to catch the earliest sunrise in Japan.

Because of the ruggedness of Hahajima, there are very few bicycle rentals, and renting a motorcycle is normal.

It takes about 10 minutes from the center of village to get to the southern end of the road in this island .

It is called the Minamizaki roundabout.

Trekking course entrance

This is the entrance to the Minamisaki-Mt.Kofuji trekking course.

Entrance to Mt.Kofuji
Entrance to Mt.Kofuji

It was still dark before dawn, but I put on headlamp and headed out.

At the entrance, there is a place to remove mud from your shoes.

Mud remover
Mud remover

Brushes and other tools are provided to prevent the introduction of alien species too.


We have to take care to protect the natural environment of the Ogasawara Islands.

Because 94% of the species in Ogasawara islands are said to be endemic.

Ogasawara snail
Ogasawara snail

Finally, we enter the forest, or actually the jungle.

Screw pine
Screw pine

The path is well maintained and not difficult to walk on.

But it was just a little muddy after the night rain.

Suribachi observatory

After about 15 minutes of walking,I came to a place called Suribachi Observatory.

Suribachi observatory
Suribachi observatory
Suribachi observatory
Rest hut of Suribachi observatory

This is the scenic spot where red soil spreads out like a mortar.

In the past, children used to play with shuro leaves as sledges.

From there, it’s another 20 minutes of ups and downs through the jungle.

Finally, after climbing up a steep staircase, the view opens up and we arrive at the peak of Mt.Kofuji islands.

Mt.Kofuji( little Fuji)

The highest is only 86 meters high.

The summit of Mt.Kofuji

It was 5:55 a.m., just in time for sunrise.

The dark sky was gradually turning red as a beautiful panorama.

In front of you is the island of Katsuo torishima.

The earliest sunrise of Japan 5:55

Also we can see Marushima, Hirashima, and Mukojima.

All of these islands stand out clearly as they catch the morning sun’s rays moment by moment.

The view is 360 degrees.

Even Mt.Kofuji is just 86m tall, but the scenery is overwhelming.

In the distance, Mt.Chibusa, the highest mountain of Hahajima island is also clearly visible.

Mt.Chibusa and rainbow
Mt.Chibusa and rainbow


As the sky grew brighter, a huge rainbow appeared across the island between Mukojima and Mt.Chibusa.

Mukoujima and rainbow
Mukoujima and rainbow

Probably because it had rain in the night.

I ate my breakfast bread and coffee in the morning sun. It’s really refreshing.

There was no one else in the summit but me.

Why don’t you watch the earliest sunrise in Japan like I did, at Mt.kofuji on Hahajima?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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