IKEBANA Japanese flower arrangement

‘IKEBANA ( flower arrangement)’

I came across the IKEBANA exhibition at MEIJI shrine.


IKEBANA is a Japanese traditional art form of flower arrangement.
It’s said it started as the decorations for Buddhism alter when Buddhism imported to Japan, or from the ancient time we Japanese think that God decent to the standing plant ,had the special feeling and love to the plants .

Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement

There are over 300 IKEBANA schools in Japan, each of them have the different styles.

Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement
Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement
Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement

It’s thought as a good hobby for women, there are clubs of IKEBANA in junior high schools, high schools and universities.

Ikebana class in junior high school

New year ikebana
new year IKEBANA

Also many women before marriage practice IKEBANA to improve themselves.

Practice IKEBANA before marriage

The complete difference from western flower arrangement is western flower arrangement is a’ plus more plus more ‘ decoration way but IKEBANA is ‘remove more remove more ‘way to express the simple natural scenery.

Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement

If you’re in Japan you will have a chance to see them in hotels, department stores. public places check and enjoy them !
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement
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